My first experience using scalar technology was through My Conscious Wellness. I received some personal soul tones to listen to at my intuitive discretion. After about a week, I felt shifting in my body and was called to start creating differently in my life. In continuing to use personal tones, I gained clarity, became aware of things that were not previously in my consciousness and felt inspired to change no matter how uncomfortable I ‘thought’ it was going to be.

Recognizing the power of the technology, I purchased a Harmonizer for my home. Again, there were more shifts within me, my life, my family and even the plants living in our house.

I was experiencing an even deeper call to show up and create my life differently. On May 27, 2022, when Jason Shurka announced the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) I knew this was the direction I was being guided to go. Around the same time My Conscious Wellness announced the Unification Orb. Appreciating the support of the Harmonizer, I was immediately drawn to the power of the Unification Orb and purchased one for our home. Again, my family and I were supported by the loving power of the scalar energies from these technologies.

My vision is to create and share a loving space where individuals come to connect and shift with a variety of support including scalar energy. It is my desire to help people recognize their true power and to open up to the knowing that the body is innately designed to heal itself. We see this when we get a cut. Over time, it heals. Our bodies can do this on a much higher level when we clear out and let go of what is interfering with these innate abilities.
Scalar technology is a tool to assist us in healing and creating the life we desire. The power to heal and create already exists within. It is simply a matter of tapping in and regenerating your light!